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Re: Letter Presses

        They are both "working" letterpresses, though my plurality may have
been misleading, as there is 1 of each. The 5x8 is hand operated, with 2
or 3 chases ( I can't remember offhand)with keys & furniture, It weighs
probably around 40 lbs. The 10x15 is 6 feet long, 5 feet high, not
counting the vacuum operated automatic feeder that's on it, and is
easily pushing 1,000 lbs. for weight. There are 6 - 8 chases, and
assorted accessories, for it also. Neither one has decent rollers, as
the mice got to them a long time ago. These actually belong to my
Father, who had a printing business when I was young. I bought his house
from him, and I would love to get them out of my garage! He is quite
willing to sell them, but since they aren't in his way, I would have to
prod a bit.

        I'm located in Seattle, and shipping the big one at least, could be
pretty expensive.
        I seem to have stirred more interest than I expected, so I'm cc'ing
this to the newsgroup for general info.


BTW, There are probably 45-50 ( or more) lead and wooden fonts available
also. Nothing really fancy, just what commercial printers used before
monotype came out.

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