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Re: Exhibits & GBW STANDARDS

You can allways add your nickel's worth. One of the perks of the job you
know. We went back and forth on this and I actually came up with it. It's a
play on the title (Paper) and it being bound. Your point is very valid as well.

Great to hear about the extra sales.


At 12:39 PM 7/31/96 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 96-07-31 08:25:57 EDT, you write:
>>final incarnation is titled PAPERBOUND
>When did that happen? Doesn't PAPERBOUND make it sound like it is bound in
>paper? Wouldn't BOUNDPAPER clarify that? Oh well, no matter, I know you two
>Peters must have gone over all that already and hashed it out. Don't know why
>I am even putting my two cents in where it doesn't belong.
>Two orders now from AOL mailing.
>Bye, K

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