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SHARP Conference and Journal

                                        Date:     06-Aug-1996 10:09pm EST
                                        From:     Rose, Jonathan
                                        Dept:     FAC/STAFF
                                        Tel No:   (201)-408-3545

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Subject: SHARP Conference and Journal

                        CALL FOR PAPERS AND CONTRIBUTORS

        The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing
solicits proposals for its fifth annual conference and contributions for
its new scholarly journal, *Book History*.

        SHARP will meet 4-7 July 1997 at the University of Cambridge.  We
welcome proposals for papers dealing with the creation, diffusion, or
reception of script or print in any historical period.  There are no
limitations on topics.  Proposals for either individual papers (20 minutes
in length) or full panels (comprising a chair and three papers) may be
submitted.  We may also sponsor workshops devoted to shorter, more
informal presentations of works in progress.

        Proposals (one page maximum per paper) and inquiries about the
conference itself (including requests for advance booking forms) should be
sent to:

        James Raven
        SHARP Conference Programme Committee
        51 Sherlock Close
        Cambridge CB3 0HP
        United Kingdom

        The absolute deadline for receipt of proposals is 20 November
1996.  Four travel grants of $250 each will be offered to graduate
students who present papers at the conference: to apply, simply indicate
in your cover letter that you wish to be considered for this award.  All
other participants and presenters will be expected to pay their own
expenses, including the registration fee; so please submit proposals only
if you can arrange for your own funding.

        SHARP is also launching a new juried scholarly journal, *Book
History*.  It will be a hardcover annual edited by Ezra Greenspan and
Jonathan Rose, and published by Penn State Press.

        *Book History* is devoted to every aspect of the history of the
book, broadly defined as the history of the creation, dissemination, and
reception of script and print.  It will publish research on the social,
economic, and cultural history of authorship, editing, printing, the book
arts, publishing, the book trade, periodicals, newspapers, ephemera,
copyright, censorship, literary agents, libraries, literary criticism,
canon formation, literacy, literary education, reading habits, and reader
response.  *Book History* will be published in English, but it welcomes
articles dealing with any national literature.  Publication of the first
issue is scheduled for August 1998.

        Articles dealing with any part of the American hemisphere or the
Middle East should be submitted to Prof. Ezra Greenspan, Department of
English, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208, USA,
ezra.greenspan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Articles dealing with other parts of the
world should be submitted to Prof. Jonathan Rose, Department of History,
Drew University, Madison, NJ 07940, USA, jerose@xxxxxxxxx  Send one hard
copy and a WordPerfect diskette for each article.

        To obtain information on joining SHARP and subscribing to SHARP
publications -- or to request a free sample copy of the SHARP newsletter
-- contact the Membership Secretary, Dr. Linda Connors, Drew University
Library, Madison, NJ 07940, USA, lconnors@xxxxxxxxx

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