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Re: New papermaker--needs advice on how to "whiten paper" w/o muting flower clrs.

there is a place on the web that has the history of papermaking-which up to
1790 paper was hand made.  it said to make a watermark by forming a wire in
the shape of the letter ect. on the screen -the nylon- then make the paper
and the watermark will show (i think)--
to write on you need sizing which was a animal gelatin just enough to make
the paper a little slick-might try watered down elmers glue-----try
webcrawler for history of papermaking for that site.
--after sizing they used to burnish the paper with agates-something smooth

>I am "new" to papermaking---having only made about five batches.
>I am hoping you might give me some commentary or advice---
>I have developed a method, ---in which I made wire coat hangers into squares.
> I then covered each one with a discarded nylon.
>I use high rag content papers and I pulverize in the food processor along
>with flowers, some leaves etc. (any other suggestions would be appreciated!)
>I then fill the sink----, each time I  stir the solution and dip the hangers
>in.  I keep them relatively flat until most water has drained and then hang
>them (by the hanger part of the wire) to dry overnight.  Then I carefully
>peel them off and in some cases iron them.
>One of the "recipes" I saw mentioned adding Elmer's glue---I have had what I
>think are the same results with and without it---can you tell me if I should
>add it and why?
>If I use recycled high fiber content papers; can I make them more white by
>adding a small amount of bleach (and if so, in what proportions)?
>If I DO add bleach will it mute the colors of flowers and other additives--if
>so, are there other ways to make a whiter paper?
>How can I achieve a paper that can be written on with fountain pens???
>Currently it will only accept the ink of a rollerball (I collect fountain
>pens). That is paper that is less absorbent.
>Do you have any simple suggestions as to how I can create a watermark on each
>Any other help or advice you might offer would be most appreciated.
>many thanks
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