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to find out if it is original bindings-especialy 18 century and back-look at
the paper that is pasted on the back side of the cover if it is
different-not laid paper-or doesn't look exactly like the pages-it would be
rebound-look for 2 different color leathers around spine where it has been

>Greetings!  I am fairly new to the book collecting game so I have a couple
>of rather basic questions.  First, many times I see in various catalogues
>"A few copies printed on large paper."  What exactly is "large paper?"  Is it
>simply a few copies printed larger than the rest of the printing?  Secondly,
>how does on tell if the binding on an older book is the original, or if it has
>been repaired or replaced?  I have seen several copies of the same book in
>different bindings, so obviously, some of them had to have been rebound.
>Thanks much,
>Andrew Richmond
>Kenyon College
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