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Re: New papermaker--needs advice on how to "whiten paper" w/o muting flower clrs.

Dear Robert:  There are so many many good articles and books and even
packets for elementary school teachers on how to hand make paper, that
it would be folly to answer your query online. See your librarian who will
show you BOOKS IN PRINT, subject edition, and look up HMP.  Most libraries,
and book stores have very good beginner's books.

Here are some authors/experts of note:  Jules Heller; John Mason; Vance Studley;
the garu Dard Hunter, Bernard Toale, Sophie Dawson and many more !
Papermaking, as have hand book building and artists books, has taken off
and become a true artform over the last 20 years.

Each book will have bibliography and sources listed and organizations
to join such as the Friends of Dard Hunter for example.


Lilias at Saltwinds

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