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new to bookbinding

Hello! I'm new to the world of bookbinding. I'm from a small town in
south Georgia and I'd like to hear from anyone else in Georgia (or
anywhere else) that shares an interest in binding books by hand. I am
currently reading books on the subject and teaching myself the art. I am
learning everything the hard way. I gave away a book recently that I made
for a friend. Everyone loved it and expressed the desire to purchase one.
I would love to produce books for them but I have no idea about prices
for quality bookbinding supplies. So far I have been picking up paper and
cloth from department stores in my area. I'm sure the materials that I
have used are not acid-free. I know next to nothing about what I'm doing
except that I love putting books together and everyone loves my work. I
would appreciate any info, advice, or encouragement I can get.

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