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Re: printmaker's stamps

On Sun, 11 Aug 1996, Robert Dickerson wrote:

> There is a store in the Washington, DC area which will make a incredilby well
> built monogrammed seal for prints.  The seal itself is set into a cast iron
> mechanism which one would NOT want to drop on a foot.  The last time I
> checked the price was around $35.00 (i own a print publishing company among
> other things and can tell you they work wonderfully for all of our artists.)
A printer's or printmaker's "chop" are engraved brass for the top
negitive die and a lead casting of same to form the bottom die.  These
blind stamps are available as small hand held models for notary publics
and heavy cast iron table models for edition printers.  I made my
own by cutting my studio design from 16ga. brass plate scrap and then
soldering the design right over the original engraved top disc on a used
fleamarket stamp.  Standard sized corporation stamp can usually be found
at fleamarkets for 10-20 dollars.  The big long reach models that
TAMARIND master printers use cost a couple hundred dollars for a custom
logo. I don't think $35.00 will buy anything but a simple text stamp like
the ones used to blind stamp envelopes.  The thicker the top relief the
cleaner the embosment. After the new design has been soldered and lined
up for the top die, replace the original lead bottom die with a wet piece
of shoe or thick belt leather, glued to the base. This arrangement works
just as well as the expensive ones.  I've made several and have chopped
hundreds on prints with them. The Tamarind Workshop publishes all of
their master printers chop marks every few years and most of the
professional print shop directories includes studio chops with the
masterprinter's listings.

Deep etch your desin or find a jewelry artist to help with the cutting or
soldering.  It's simple and funn.

Good luck at the fleas!


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