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Re: paper marbling

We tried a day of "giant" marbling, subtitled "Where fools rush in..." It
wasn't very productive but it was a learning experience. We built the
marbling tray (about 4 ft. x 12 ft.) by using three sturdy tables as the base
and constructing a frame with 2 x 4's to fit on top of the tables. Then we
staples heavy plactic sheeting to the 2 x 4's.  We mixed up A LOT of carageen
in a large garbage can. It also took two people to pull the combs through the
carrageen (big combs we constructed from bamboo scewers we hot glued to
lath). It also took several people to lay down the cloth. We ruined our first
batch of carageen very quickly--we left the cloth on the surface too long and
the alum did it in. Clean up was done by using a wet-dry vac to slurp the
carageen out of the tray.  We played with it for about a week and decided
never to do it again. We did get a more permanent tray that is about 2.5 ft x
6 ft. and it lets use do several pieces of paper at one time--to get an
"edition" of similar paper. It really was more fun than it sounds--I'd
appreciate hearing about your experience. Good luck.
                               Patty Grass

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