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Kickshaws Press

I am posting this message for the Kickshaws Press:

For the past fifteen years, Kickshaws* has been keeping up the tradition
of the early expatriate presses, producing a unique range of orginal
books -- including interactive books, artists' books, children's books,
puzzle books and mobiles -- printed by hand by author and artist on
ancient treadle presses. Many of these are now out of print and prized as
collectors' items. Kickshaws has also published a widely acclaimed
historical guidebook, 'Rue de la Grande Chaumiere: Cradle of
Montparnasse', the first in a planned collection on "Montparnasse: Now
and Then".

It has lately opened its own shop, Kickshaws & Co., at No. 6 rue Brea, in
the heart of historic Montparnasse -- just up from the picturesque Vavin
square d what was until lately the Quarter's oldest and most famous
artists' materials shop, Lefebvre-Foinet -- where it offers a selection
of its own novelty books together with books from other small presses and
book artists.

Kickshaws & Co.: 6, rue Brea, 75006 Paris

*Kickshaws, a corruption by folk etymology of 'quelque chose'
(something), is defined as an elaborate delicacy or fantastical trifle.

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