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Re: paper marbling

On Fri, 16 Aug 1996, Jacqueline Sullivan wrote:

> I would think that you would marble the paper as you do fabric - by building
> a tank from 2x4's and plastic drop cloths and then filling it with size. It
> would be quite tricky to get a large sheet of paper down without any air
> holes or shift marks - you would have to have help - probably 4 people - one
> on each side of tank. The softer and lighter the paper - the better it would
> probably be so that it would sort of flutter down on its own - as fabric does
> with just 2 people holding it.  Also you need some large rakes and combs or
> make patterns with a stylus or just stick to stone patterns. I'm interested
> in how this turns out if you try it. Jacqueline Sullivan
You might consider a common method Japanese woodblock printers use
when handling large or fragile sheets of paper.  The lay down is
similar.  The cloth could be stitched or otherwise afixed to a stiffer
sheet of paper or mylar to give the fabric a similar rolling property and
a bit of body.  I have marbled 30 x 44 inch sheets of rag 250gm cover stock
without doing this but when using thin sheets I have printed sheets two
sheets at a time to give the sheet for body and less hassle

let me know if this works if you come up with something.


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