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Re: flowers in paper

Hi all.

On Fri, 16 Aug 1996, Indigo Som wrote:

> question for all you helpful folks out there, regarding paper that has flower
> petals in it: what happens to it over time? do the petals turn brown & ugly?
> does it affect the rest of the paper? is there any paper w/ flower petals in
> it that can be considered archival? are there any other considerations i may
> have overlooked in deciding whether or not to use such a paper? thanks in
> advance for all & any answers...
The papermaking prof I teach with at the U here tells people to boil the
flower in question for about 20 minutes to minimize problems with
foxing, and to help remove tannic acids.  Then to use a heavier sizing (I
would vat size the paper with methylcel), to help seal the flower.  Of
course, that only really applies to paper that you're making yourself.

Other suggestions?


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