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Re: Vintage Decorative Papers

Karen Crisalli wrote:
> I have been offered a large collection of early 1900's vintage papers and I
> am not in a position to take advantage of this offer but thought someone on
> the list might be interested.  There are about 800 sheets of various sizes in
> the collection. Some are printed, some are hand marbled. The majority are
> French and Italian. In fact, some I recognize as being the lovely printed and
> marbled papers made by the Giannini family of Florence. The owners of these
> papers wish to sell them as one lot, and not piece-meal them out. If you are
> interested, please e-mail me and I will put you directly in touch with them.
> Regards, Karen L. Crisalli/The Bookbinder's Warehouse

Dear Miss Crisalli,

I would appreciate further information about the papers you
mentioned on the Book_Arts list.

There is a small bookbinding family in Thailand who is
struggling to continue a handbinding tradition- if any
pertinent equipment should become available that you are aware
of, I would doubly appreciate it- we can offer going rates for
useful equipemnt- they are trying to turn it into a women's
job training program- very feasible for Thailand.
Thanks and good luck,

Bruce Miller,
SDI PUblications

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