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Re: Fonts

The keystrokes on a Mac for the en dash are Option + hyphen and for the
em dash are Option + Shift + hyphen.

On Macintosh computers, you can bring up Key Caps from the Apple menue,
choose your font, and then see all the extra characters on the keyboard
by using the Option key and Option+Shift.  Windows 95 also has a
character-finding mechanism.  If you can't set "Use typographer's
quotes" as a preference in a particular application, you can find the
keystrokes for real quote marks this way, too.  Otherwise you get tick

>--David (P.S. When will these computer fonts come with a nice em-quad
>instead of these dumb hyphens?)


Pamela Rups
Computer Multimedia Specialist
Instructional Technology Services
Western Michigan University

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