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Re: Handmade paper

It's almost impossible to get the flower paper to look like it does in the
store. A few suggestions, Put the flowers in the pulp, not on the wet sheet
or put them on the wet sheet and laminate another very thin or partial sheet
over them. You should boil the flowers to remove the lignins. This will also
take out the color which will "run" in your paper if you don't. You can then
redye the flowers with some sort of waterproof dye( I haven't done this, only
read about it") you can also try spraying the flowers with fixative and
letting them get good and dry befor putting them in the pulp/. This should
help hold the color and lignins in and keep the water out of the flowers. If
you are using fresh flowers( not dried) be sure to get the paper dry quickly
to avoind mold and/ or sprouting seeds. Hope this helps. Jacqueline Sullivan

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