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Re: HELP!!

  Here's a question for all you book artist/geniuses!
  I want to make a candle holder (or I guess it would be called a paper
  luminary) using the colored cover of one of my churches' bulletin... The
  problem is that the black printing on the otherside shows through when I
  hold it up to the light (Obviously it'll be worse when a candle is burning
  inside of it). The bulletin is printed on typical xerox paper.

   The question, other than using an eraser and just trying to rub off as
   much of the ink as possible, is there a way to remove the printing on the
   back without damaging the artwork on the other side??
   I was wondering if there is some solvent (like acetone?) that could be carfu
   lly applied, that would stain the other side....

   Ps. Tonight is my first free night in which I could be "artsy" and
   make this thing...So if y'all have any ideas I'd appreciate it if
   you could post them before I leave work at 5pm E.S.T.

   Thanks in advance!
   Michael F. Copado

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