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Re: HELP!!

Hi Michael! Howareya?

On Thu, 29 Aug 1996, Michael F. Copado wrote:

>   I want to make a candle holder (or I guess it would be called a paper
>   luminary) using the colored cover of one of my churches' bulletin... The
>   problem is that the black printing on the otherside shows through when I
>   hold it up to the light (Obviously it'll be worse when a candle is burning
>   inside of it). The bulletin is printed on typical xerox paper.

I would recommend xeroxing the original artwork (or, if you can't get
access to it, xeroxing the cover, if the paper color is not too dark and
won't show in the copy) onto another sheet of colored paper with a blank
back, because I don't think you can do what you want to do with
satisfactory results. (See below)

> is there a way to remove the printing on the
> back without damaging the artwork on the other side??
> I was wondering if there is some solvent (like acetone?) that could be carfu
> lly applied, that would stain the other side....

Acetone, Citrasolve or laquer thinner will transfer the printing to
another sheet, but not all of it - it will get somewhat lighter.  I don't
know whether multiple "passes" would take it all off, but even one
treatment with solvents will also almost certainly spoil the artwork you
are trying to keep if it is also xeroxed, since the paper will be
saturated almost instantly.

If the artwork is not xerox, it may or may not be soluble, depending on
the medium used. But there's another issue - Citrasolve will remain and
stain the sheet for at least several hours, I don't know if it will
finally dissipate completely or not. I'm pretty sure it will make the
sheet HIGHLY flammable as long as it remains in the fibers.  Acetone and
thinner will dissipate quite quickly, but enough might remain in the paper
to be risky.

Have fun, but be careful out there! (You also don't want to breathe the

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