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Hi Michael,

Maybe I've missed some detail or something, but from your post I'm
wondering, if the bulletin is just printed on a copier, why not make a copy
of just the one side of the page you want to use, and make the candle
holder out of that?

In any event I hope I'm stating the obvious in suggesting that you wrap
this paper around a glass votive holder -- don't want to burn the church

Bonnie Borthwick

>  I want to make a candle holder (or I guess it would be called a paper
>  luminary) using the colored cover of one of my churches' bulletin... The
>  problem is that the black printing on the otherside shows through when I
>  hold it up to the light (Obviously it'll be worse when a candle is burning
>  inside of it). The bulletin is printed on typical xerox paper.
>   The question, other than using an eraser and just trying to rub off as
>   much of the ink as possible, is there a way to remove the printing on the
>   back without damaging the artwork on the other side??
>   I was wondering if there is some solvent (like acetone?) that could be carfu
>   lly applied, that would stain the other side....

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