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NLNZ - Media release - Edgar Mansfield Dies

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>>Drink and be merry, for our time is short and death lasts forever<<

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<h3>Edgar Mansfield dies</h3>

<em>Media release - For immediate release - 16 August 1996</em>

<P><p> <a href="/images/exhibitions/edgar.jpg"><img src="/images/exhibitions/edgars.gif" alt="Edgar Mansfield" align=left></a><p>
Edgar Mansfield, one of New Zealand's most renowned expatriate
artists, died in England on Saturday 10 August.  He was aged 89
Mansfield was widely recognised as one of the most innovative
and influential 20th-century bookbinders.
Born in London in 1907, Mansfield was brought up in Napier, New
Zealand.  After studying art in Napier and Dunedin he travelled
to London in 1934 to further his studies.  Mansfield attended
classes in pottery, bookbinding, and other crafts, and it was
not until the late 1940s that he decided to specialise in bookbinding.

Mansfield brought new impetus to the craft of bookbinding. Instead
of adopting the traditional decorative motifs of the bookbinder,
he looked to contemporary fine art for inspiration.  His bold
and expressive designs, derived from the language of abstract
art, helped to revitalise the craft of bookbinding during the
1940s and 1950s.
Although Mansfield lived mainly in England since the 1930s, he
made extended visits to New Zealand throughout his career and
maintained extensive contacts with friends and artists throughout
the country.
Mansfield's achievement was honoured by an OBE in 1979. Recently,
the National Library of New Zealand organised an <a href="../exhibtns/mansfld.htm">exhibition</a> of
his work as part of the 1996 International Festival of the Arts.
Examples of Mansfield's bookbindings are held in the Alexander
Turnbull Library, Wellington.  A number of his sculptures are
in the collection of the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa,
and in private collections throughout the country.
<h4>Image on this Page</h4>
The full image shows Edgar Mansfield and James Brockman, at Bearsted in Kent on 18 July 1993.

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