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Re: Help...........

As someone who suffered from chronic lowgrade depression for most of my
life and the years 28-30 in an extreemly deep, suicidal depression,
I don't believe that DOING ANYTHING is a waste of time...

Actually I spent last night watching the Democratic convention and sanding
the papers..I found it to be an extreemly sensual experience (the sanding
that is). The texture of the paper became "creamy" as I ran the fine sanding
sponge over it's surface. I realized that one of the reasons I love books
and bookarts so much is the tactile sensations as much as the words themselves.

I've always loved touching the pages and covers of finely made books. Old parch
ements and tooled leather are the best....I have a Complete Works of Lord Byron
that was used as a schoolbook in the twenties (it has a bookplate identifing th
e school on the inside cover). The book was cheaply made, but through the years
of hands upon the pages, they have the smoothness of the finest, silkiest parch
ment...It's probably my favorite book of all because of this.

I intend to try "sanding" the surfaces of some of my handmade papers to see
what happens to the surfaces.

I encourage all you book artists and conservators to take a few moments
to "feel" some of you books, from the cheepest to the finest made. And see
if you don't have a new understanding (or love affair) with your work...


Ps. I know that you vellum scrapers understand what I'm talking about....
In fact I'd love to learn to do it....In fact I would be willing to barter
some form of service to any of you "scrapers" in Michigan if you'd allow
me the honor of learning some of your craft....

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