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Re: Help...........

Dorothy, some tangential testimony may be of interest
regarding employment of found material for art.  I assign
found poems in my poetry writing courses but distinguish
between so-called "pure" and "impure" found poems.  The
latter generally impress yours truly & The World less because
Happenstance/Fate/Jaweh/Yin'n'Yan/Ooga&Booga aka synchronicity
& serendipidity have been sullied by some Artist's tinkering.
Exceptions (inasmuch as Parnassus is lawless) would be massive
or stunning tinkers.  Humament comes to mind; ditto, Ron Johnson's
O Radios book/poem (from Paradise Lost).  Of course, the former
are maddeningly difficult to spy.  But when spotted, it's
epiphany-time where once squatted a buffalo chip.  And how we
adore the finder/artist who pointed out the MeaningBeautyAbsurdity
Profundity in what once was mundane, ignored, ordinary, i.e.,

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