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Re: Help...........

No offense taken, actually I think it's a great questions!
It's one of those "hmmmmmmm" questions.

For me modifying or not modifying depends on what I'm creating at the time.

In the case of the candle, this cover of the church bulletin has a beautiful
watercolor landscape overlaid with one of my favorite scriptures, the one
from Corinthians about love...What I'm planning to do is to decopage it to the
outside of a glass vessel and pour a candle inside. I found that when I held
the cover up to a light the print on the backside rendered the scripture un-
readable. So that was the reason for the "modifying"...

Now I think for the purposes of this discussion we have to come up with a
clear definition of what "modifying" means in an artistic setting. I like
to think that by nature, using any found object in any way that is different
from it's intended purpose is modifying it, regardless of whether or not I
make any physical shanges to the object.....

I use "found Objects" like beach glass in jewelry sometimes, but I don't
necessarily "do" anything to the glass itself..Am I modifying it?
(gee, using that example I think I just contridicted myself in my mind!)
Sometimes I also use circuit boards in jewelry but I usually cut them up.

I have piles of interesting pieces of textiles and paper, including decor-
ative bags from cardshops that I sometimes have used as covers or endpapers
in some books....Usually I have to cut them, and in the case using paper from
bags (or interesting wrapping paper) as covers, I like to use several layers
of a laquer or a pastewax to strengthen and protect it.
I've also used a stain made of an acrylic paint to change the color of the
surface prior to sealing it.

I've been filling a shoebox with those Jack Chick biblical comics, you know
the ones left in phonebooths, I intend to use torn and glued bits of them
as a cover for something, maybe a wood box...

I hope others share the interest in this thread, Dorothy, I'd love
to hear others thoughts on this (Including Yours).


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