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Re: Help...........

In my judgment, this is a matter of artistic discretion.  Most people who
use found material for such items as collage use only one surface.  Would
you want to take apart a Miro collage to see what was on the other side
of the glued down page?  Alternatively, Robert Heinecken did incredible
work with his Recto-Verso portfolio.

Ray Starr

On Fri, 30 Aug 1996, Dorothy Africa wrote:

>   Michael, may I ask you a question?  I hope this will not come over
> badly in the medium of print, since it is a genuine question and not
> a veiled slight.  Why do you need to prevent the show through if you
> are deliberately concerning yourself with "found" material.  Isn't
> the double surface printing part of the object you have found?  I would
> be interested in hearing from you and other book artists who use found
> materials how they decide what intrinsic qualities of these materials
> to use and what to modify.  I know this is a can of worms I am ripping
> open, but I would like to hear from those on the list who do this sort
> of thing.
> Dorothy C. Africa
> bookbinder, Harvard Law School Library
> africa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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