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[Fwd: newbie questions]

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Date: Mon, 02 Sep 1996 11:48:42 -0700
From: Georgie McNeese <gmcneese@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: newbie questions
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Hello Bookworld!
In advance, please excuse the dumb questions. If you find them irritating please respect
the fact that I'm being very brave. It isn't pleasant to admit total ignorance to so
many knowledgeable people.
Now that I have that off my chest, I will throw out the dreaded questions.
1. What is the difference between PVA and Elmer's or Sobo? (Please don't cringe.) I
really need to know.
2. I have been making blank books for friends and family, using the following
   A. multi-purpose ink-jet printer paper
   B. Hewlett-Packard ink
   C. Sobo glue
   D. cotton covered polyester thread
   E. PRES-ON art needle work mounting board with acid-free adhesive
   F. cotton-polyester type material lined with paper
   G. Satin ribbon (for bookmarks)
   H. Mead Academie Drawing paper (80#) for endpapers
   I. polyester type tape (from the sewing notions department)
   J. Muslin and brown paper from grocery bags for the spine lining
My question is, if you could take a wild guess, what would be the life expectancy of
these books? I don't intend to continue with these materials now that I have learned
where to get the quality stuff, but I wonder what will happen to those I have already
made? They are really pretty and everyone loves them. I have been giving them away so I
know that no one will throw bricks at me when they fall apart, but I am a curious
individual and I'm too impatient to wait and see what happens.
3. Can anyone suggest any good, informative books geared to the chemical aspects of
   bookbinding materials? How is a newbie to know what works with what.
4. Is there a generally understood list of bookbinding no no's that I should know about?
5. If there is any single factor that you look for in determining the quality of a hand
   bound book, what would it be?
6. Is there anything that can be done to the books I have made to keep them alive
   longer? Can they be de-acidified?
I have read A.L. Lewis, and Manly Bannister and the like, but they haven't answered my
questions. I've figured some of the "how to's", and it would be nice to know "what to"
and "what not to".
I would appreciate your replies. (I hope!)
Always Georgie

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