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Re: [Fwd: newbie questions]

Hi - Welcome !  It looks like you're doing lots of things "righter" than
most untutored beginners.

Ask your friendly librarian to borrow these books from another library if
they do not readily have them on hand:

1983 by Bernard Toale : The Art of Papermaking  ( Davis )
      This book will give you lots of ideas about making or including
acid free handmade paper in your books.

1995 by Shereen Laplantz : Cover to Cover  ( Lark Books)
       This book is a feast for the eyes and will whet your appetite for
the colorful and creative and  give you many ideas.

1991 + by Keith A. Smith : Non-Adhesive Binding
        Keith Smith is one of the garus of bookmaking and
      has self published several well worth reading on structure and sequence.

1992 by Flora Fennimore : The  Art of the Handmade Book  (Chicago Review Press)
        Good for beginners and school teachers for use with children.

1985 by Roy Harley Lewis : Fine Bookbinding in the Twentieth Century (Arco)
         If traditional "case" binding appeals to you, this book is a
     wonderful history and overview of fine creative covers and binding
results, but its not a How-To  Book.  The library will have many books on
     traditional binding methods if that interests you.

As for the aging process - yes acid papers and such do oxidize and also cause
changes in things they touch.  But I still have etchings and photos
from days gone by which  YES, I SHOULD REFRAME with buffered backing and
archival materials and they have not decomposed ( they are just getting ready
to in the next 5 years ! ) I'd bet that your gifts will not waste away
overnight....bright light may change colors; dampness may cause warpage;
glues may break down....and maybe not . Good luck and keep asking.


Lilias at Saltwinds

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