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Re: [Fwd: newbie questions]

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Elmers glue and I think sobo are pva that is a plastic type of glue. with
age it turns brown.  the best pva glue is called Jade that would be acid
free and last the longest-without turning brown.
rice paste or wheat paste will last forever and you can get cheap acid free
paper with strathmore drawing paper at an art store.

>Hello Bookworld!
>In advance, please excuse the dumb questions. If you find them irritating
please respect
>the fact that I'm being very brave. It isn't pleasant to admit total
ignorance to so
>many knowledgeable people.
>Now that I have that off my chest, I will throw out the dreaded questions.
>1. What is the difference between PVA and Elmer's or Sobo? (Please don't
cringe.) I
>really need to know.
>2. I have been making blank books for friends and family, using the following
>   A. multi-purpose ink-jet printer paper
>   B. Hewlett-Packard ink
>   C. Sobo glue
>   D. cotton covered polyester thread
>   E. PRES-ON art needle work mounting board with acid-free adhesive
>   F. cotton-polyester type material lined with paper
>   G. Satin ribbon (for bookmarks)
>   H. Mead Academie Drawing paper (80#) for endpapers
>   I. polyester type tape (from the sewing notions department)
>   J. Muslin and brown paper from grocery bags for the spine lining
>My question is, if you could take a wild guess, what would be the life
expectancy of
>these books? I don't intend to continue with these materials now that I
have learned
>where to get the quality stuff, but I wonder what will happen to those I
have already
>made? They are really pretty and everyone loves them. I have been giving
them away so I
>know that no one will throw bricks at me when they fall apart, but I am a
>individual and I'm too impatient to wait and see what happens.
>3. Can anyone suggest any good, informative books geared to the chemical
aspects of
>   bookbinding materials? How is a newbie to know what works with what.
>4. Is there a generally understood list of bookbinding no no's that I
should know about?
>5. If there is any single factor that you look for in determining the
quality of a hand
>   bound book, what would it be?
>6. Is there anything that can be done to the books I have made to keep them
>   longer? Can they be de-acidified?
>I have read A.L. Lewis, and Manly Bannister and the like, but they haven't
answered my
>questions. I've figured some of the "how to's", and it would be nice to
know "what to"
>and "what not to".
>I would appreciate your replies. (I hope!)
>Always Georgie
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