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Re: Help...........

At 02:32 PM 8/30/96 EDT, Michael Copado wrote:

>Now I think for the purposes of this discussion we have to come up with a
>clear definition of what "modifying" means in an artistic setting. I like
>to think that by nature, using any found object in any way that is different
>from it's intended purpose is modifying it, regardless of whether or not I
>make any physical shanges to the object.....

>I hope others share the interest in this thread, Dorothy, I'd love
>to hear others thoughts on this (Including Yours).

I am interested in your discussion about modifying found objects. It seems
to me that not only do you have to know what you mean by "modifying", you
also have to know what you mean by "found" objects. Are they objects found
in nature, or objects that have been man-made, perhaps for some other
purpose? If they are the latter, then they might already have been modified
in many ways by many people before an artist decides to use them in artwork.
So, perhaps, by deciding that artists should not modify found objects, one
would be limiting an artist's creativity in precisely the type of work which
doesn't have any rules or restrictions?
I am working on a book of visual memories of my father. My father is Indian,
and I grew up in India. I used some old, worn-out embroidered cushion covers
that my parents had on their cushions for years in India, and cut them up
into pieces, boiled the pieces which had no embroidery, and added them at
the very end to the beating of the pulp for the paper for the book. They
look like tiny veins of different colours in the paper. I plan to cut the
embroidered strips and add some pieces to each book in the edition. Here, I
feel that I am, in a way, using "found" objects, but I have modified them
considerably, and incorporated them in to the structure of the book. What do
you think?
Shireen Holman, Printmaker and Book Artist
email: (tholman@xxxxxxxxx)

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