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looking for japanese cloths

I'm trying to find a few yards of one of the Japanese bookcloths that Brian
Johnson supplied, which is currently unavailable from him. Its a gold-ish
color and his stocking number is 361-A. If anyone has a few extra yards of
this on the shelf and would like to sell it, please e-mail me off-list.

Other than Aiko's does anyone know of any other retail sources for these cloths?

Also, does anyone know if these cloths are available from some retail
source in Japan? I'm sure that the air freight from Japan for, say, ten
yards would be pretty hefty, but it would be nice to know if it was at
least possible.

Bradley Hutchinson
Digital Letterpress * 1906 Miriam * Austin, Texas 78722
512-478-7632 * fax 512-478-5508 * http://www.letterpress.com/intro

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