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Re: Letterpress list

For those who can't get enough e-mail, there's a nifty web-site that
indexes the 55,000 + list-servs and mailing lists around the globe, with a
keyword search engine and links to subscribe to those lists: book arts
letpress, & paper-L are all represented, along with fungus-L (mushroom
stuff) choco-L (recipes with chocolate) and twostroke-L (classic motor
scooters) etc etc.


>The letpress address is:
> Letterpress Discussion List <LETPRESS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Lots of good information there and helpful people.
>John G. Henry - Cedar Creek Press

Bradley Hutchinson
Digital Letterpress * 1906 Miriam * Austin, Texas 78722
512-478-7632 * fax 512-478-5508 * http://www.letterpress.com/intro

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