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** get me out of here! ** (drowning in data)

How do I get off the "Book Arts" listserv?
I have been kept incommunicada for 3-4 months for reasons beyond my
control; *please* accept my apologies.

To be specific:

-1- My Internet service-provider, some months ago, changed its name,
re-organized, and added some more "bells & whistles." This was described
as an "upgrade" of service.

-2- Errors created during this "upgrade" made it nearly impossible for
me to get on-line from then till now.

-3- Even on the rare occasions when I *could* get on-line, it took 2 - 3
hours just to open the connection ... and there was *no* way to use my

I am now informed (accurately, I hope) that the problems have been

Yours for better letters ...

Kate Gladstone
Handwriting Repair
325 South Manning Boulevard
Albany, NY 12208-1731

telephone 518-482-6763


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