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Re: Oil Color Marbling

In reply to the questions about oil color marbling. You would be much better
to pursue watercolor and/or acrylic marbling. While the initial set-up and
materials are more difficult the end results are far superior and the
concerns about environment and conservation are much simpler. I am willing to
share info on-line. I do travel and teach marbling workshops in various areas
at ( what I consider) a very reasonable price.I have set-ups for 14 people
with their own pans and own tools. I have 2 large tanks for fabric marbling(
18" x 6') built on- site for transportation. There are very few "real
"marblers around and most won't share their secrets. I will share all my
knowledge and sources and at the end of a 2-day workshop you will have enough
paper to last you for quite a while, if you never want to set it up in your
own studio. If you'd like me to come e-mail me privately. If you just want me
to answer some questions on-line, post to the group since they are probably
of general interest since the demise of the marbling board. Jacqueline
Sullivan, Troy, MI

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