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Re: Marbling

I would also agree that the traditional water based paint process is better
than oil.  If you still wish to pursue oil marbling, Anne Chambers has
published a book on the subject, as well as Patty Schleicher.

  Since we are mentioning those who offer workshops, I would like to add that
I will be teaching a 2 day paper marbling intensive at the North Bennet
Street School in Boston on October 26th and 27th (Sat. and Sun.)  the fee
will be $140 including materials.  The emphasis in my workshop is on the
early development of paper marbling in the middle east, and on traditional
methods used in 18th and 19th century bookbindings.  Additionally I will
present a slide show of many historic Middle Eastern examples from Turkish
and US collections.  Also I will cover different coating and burnishing
techniques that were used historically to coat the papers and make them more
durable (often neglected by marblers today) Originally I presented this
material at the 3rd International Marblers Gathering at Savage Mill last
summer and the Potomac chapter of the Guild of Book Workers last fall.
 Please contact the workshop coordinator at the school (617) 227-0155,  39
north Bennet St.  Boston, MA, 02113.

  Additionally I offer oversize papers (18x 36, 23x 38, and 15x 40",
depending on paper desired) for those binders who need them for covering
oversize portfolios, or edition runs.   I also make my own paints from dry
pigments, using traditional color ranges.  I offer these on my own, not
through the company I work for.

Jake Benson
Assistant Conservator
Information Conservation Inc.

PS- what exactly is a real marbler?

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