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Re: Stretching Vellum

I'm the person who posted the question on stretching parchment/vellum.  I've
heard from a couple people already, thank you, but I'd like to add this
description of how it is actually done.  I just got this so I couldn't
include it earlier.

>The method I use for stretching vellum is to hold the vellum under the hot
>water tap and let the hot water run over the flash side until the vellum is
>soft. As vellum stays in a water and lime bath for quite some time during
>the time it is being made I didn't think that getting it wet again could
>possibly hurt it. Then I stretch it over a canvas stretcher and secure with
>staples. By the next morning it is completely dry and tight as a drum. Then
>I do whatever surface preparation I need to do. Some skins need very
>little, of course, but some need a lot. Just depends.
>I've used this method for many years.

What do people think?  Good, bad, or ugly?


Pamela Rups
Computer Multimedia Specialist
Instructional Technology Services
Western Michigan University

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