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Papermaking Listserv

Hi everyone,

Did you know there is a paper list?  It's a listserv for handmade
papermakers!  (And it states that is also for fine art printmaking and book
arts.)  I recently subscribed and found it to be brand new!  There are 26
subscribers, I think.  And it isn't super-active yet, being so new.  I just
thought I'd mention it in case there are others besides me who do both
bookbinding and papermaking.  If there were more of us in it, I thought
maybe it could grow into a great resource group like this one.  Anyway, I
thought I'd get the word out.  Oh, and please tell your papermaking
friends, too!  Thanks!

To subscribe, send the following message to:  listserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

subscribe paper-L (your name)

Donna Livingston
San Antonio, Texas

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