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Leaving the list

I apologize for sending this message to the list, but I have tried
repeatedly to sign-off from the list -- following the proper directions
-- and have been unsuccessful in doing so.  Is there some way the
administrator of this list can delete me.  When I attempt to sign off
from this list, I always receive a message stating that I am not signed
on in the first place.  Any help that could be offered would be
appreciated.  Thank you.


      KIMBERLY J. BARATA                  barata@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      Project Coordinator,                http://www.pitt.edu/~kjbst19
      Electronic Records Research
      School of Information Sciences      TEL: 412/624-9439
      University of Pittsburgh            FAX: 412/648-7001
      648 LIS Building
      135 N. Bellefield
      Pittsburgh, PA 15260

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