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Re: Equipment Advice

>I am wondering if anyone has advice that would assist me in choosing a paper
>cutter that will cut mill board.

A board shear is the tool of choice, but they are heavy and tend to take up
a large chunk of space.

Paper cutters which have a clamp to hold the work in place will cut mill
board, but remember that paper is abrasive, and board is VERY abrasive.

I have a 36" Dahle paper cutter with a clamp and it has worked fine for
about ten years so far.  Mostly, I cut paper and mat board with it, but
have cut mill board once in awhile.  When Cutting mill board, I use the far
end of the cutting blade.

There are some inexpensive mat board cutters which may work for you.  They
use razor blades, so they would become dull quickly if you're cutting mill
board, but blades are cheap.  You may have to look around a little bit
(check with picture framers) for heavy duty blades.  If you can find them,
use blades which are sharpened on one side only.  That's what I use in my
mat cutter because the cut is more accurate (i.e., right angled).


Jack C. Thompson
Thompson Conservation Laboratory
7549 N. Fenwick
Portland, OR  97217
503/735-3942 (voice/fax)


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