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Question about ostrich leather

Walter Henry received this via the Feedback form on CoOL and thought someone
here might be able to help. His translation makes sense to me except it
might also be that she is researching the substances used to change the raw
skin to leather. Her email is macol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx French Canadian so she
should be able to handle English.


Someone sent this to me at CoOL, (she was reading Don Etherington's
Dictionary). She seems to be asking for a method for tanning ostrich
skin, so I thought you might want to field this (or more likely
post it to bookarts).

              Variable  Content
              --------  -------
     name Marie Anne Taes

  message Bonjour,
          Je suis a la recherche des composants a employer afin de transformer
          la peau de l'autruche en cuir, composants ainsi que technique.

          Merci de bien vouloir m'aider dans ma demarche


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