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Re: Equipment Advice

>On Wed, 18 Sep 1996, Jack C. Thompson wrote:
>> >I am wondering if anyone has advice that would assist me in choosing a paper
>> >cutter that will cut mill board.
>I was lucky to find a used 1930 Niagara 30 inch cast iron sheet
>metal cutter at an auction for $300.00.  It takes much less floor space,
>is just as heavy duty and not such a monster to move.  They are much
>easier to find and will cut any pasteboard or even, amazingly enough,
>sheet metal!  Paper cutter it's not but paper is easy.  Board cuts well.
>Just a thought to consider
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Hi Michael,
Thanks for the information.  I took the oportunity to ask various antique
dealers today if they ever see such a thing as a sheet metal cutter.  Most
said they hadn't, but I will no doubt find better contacts as my search
continues.  I like the idea of cutting metal as well.  Perhaps I better
search the local auctions to see if I can duplicate your success.  Thanks
for your suggestion.

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