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Amis de la Reliure d'Art Forum

In case anybody notices my absence from the ARA exhibit, it's not
accidental. I participated in the 2nd Concours International de la Reliure
d'Art that they held in Switzerland. The lacquer binding I exhibited (it's
reproduced in the catalog) was shipped to them by Express, insured, in a
box with bubble wrap, etc.

When the exhibit was over I received the book back a month later by
ordinary mail, uninsured, not even in a box, simply wrapped in brown paper!
All the corners were damaged. I immediately wrote to the people who had
mounted the exhibit. They denied any liability, saying that once it left
their premises it was no longer their responsibility.

It was too much expense to sue them in international court, so I simply
quit the ARA.

The positive outcome of this was that I repaired the corners by sanding off
the lacquer,  saturating the corners of the boards with epoxy, and
repainting them. It was a lot of work, but it made the book not only
saleable, but with a new method of reinforcing corners that I now use
wheneber I do a  lacquer binding.


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