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advice about boards

I am working on an artist's book which will require a lot of pasting, and I
was wondering if anyone could give me advice on the best kind of board to
use that will be the least likely to warp.

The book looks basically like a portfolio. When it is closed, it will
consist of a board, covered with a Japanese paper. Over this paper will be
pasted a woodcut on handmade paper. On top of this, on one side will be
pasted a screenprint on Arches cover, and on the other side will be pasted
an envelope made of handmade paper, which will hold a woodcut and a
screenprint. When the book is opened, on top of the Japanese paper will be
pasted another screenprint on Arches cover. Over this print, I will paste a
couple more envelopes which are made of screenprints. These envelopes will
have to hold more woodcuts and screenprints. Sorry if this sounds too
confusing! My concern is, that with all this pasting, the boards will warp.
Also, when held up, or when opened, the boards will have to not sag from
holding the envelopes of prints. I would appreciate any advice!
Shireen Holman, Printmaker and Book Artist
email: (tholman@xxxxxxxxx)

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