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Re: advice about boards

It sounds like your boards will have to be fairly strong
and you aren't going to worry about thickness too much.
What I usually do when I need strong boards is laminate
several pieces together.  I take pieces of mat board and
cross grain them (top board perpendicular to spine, middle
board parallel to spine, bottom board perpendicular to
spine) and glue them up good and put them in a press for
a minute.  The result is a very stiff board which should
not wrap when you apply further adhesives to it.  You can
reverse the grains for the lamination.  I will do this
for more "standard" book covers and use a thin mat board
or 3-ply bristol board on either side of a medium or heavy
weight mat board.  Hope this helps.  Sounds like a fun

Eric Alstrom
Collections Conservator
Ohio University
Athens, Ohio

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