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Re: Equipment Advice

On Tue, 24 Sep 1996, Daria wrote:

> It is 43 degrees this morning - welcome to Fall!
> I am looking for a cutter that can handle book board and,if possible, papers
> also - in the Cape Cod/Boston area or within a few hours drive of there.
> Many thanks for any pertinent info. (I have info on Kutrimmer, but dont have
> enuff money for one right now.)
> Cheerio
> Lilias at Saltwinds
If you are mainly looking to cut board and cost and or/space are major
factor you might consider looking for a used sheet metal shear. I
purchased a 1930 Niagara 30 inch cast iron shear that will cut copper,
brass, mild steel AND binders board.  Works great, takes less room,
they're easier to find and are usually cheaper.  Look under used
industrial machinery in the phone book.  I found mind for $300.00.

Godd Luck!


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