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Re: advice about boards

On Tue, 24 Sep 1996, Eric Alstrom (614) 593-0648 wrote:

> It sounds like your boards will have to be fairly strong
> and you aren't going to worry about thickness too much.
> What I usually do when I need strong boards is laminate
> several pieces together.  I take pieces of mat board and
> cross grain them (top board perpendicular to spine, middle
> board parallel to spine, bottom board perpendicular to
> spine) and glue them up good and put them in a press for
> a minute.  The result is a very stiff board which should
> not wrap when you apply further adhesives to it.  You can
> reverse the grains for the lamination.  I will do this
> for more "standard" book covers and use a thin mat board
> or 3-ply bristol board on either side of a medium or heavy
> weight mat board.  Hope this helps.  Sounds like a fun
> project!
> Eric Alstrom
> Collections Conservator
> Ohio University
> Athens, Ohio

A simple thing to keep in mind is to try to paste the same weight
materials to BOTH sides of the board whenever you can.  If you have four
layers on one side, try to paste the same or similar papers on the
reverse.  The more you can do this, the less inner stress you need to
overcome.  This is a firm rule with wood veneer manufacture.  The water
base glues shrink and pull the side towards the middle.  The layer on the
reverse side will counter act this action and will help keep the panel or
in you case, paper board, flat.  Other wise, you can use a non water
based adhesive where shrinkage is not a big concern.

Good luck.


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