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Re: advice about boards

When I need to create a particularly rigid board - either because of the
treatment I will be giving it or because its a larger board I too will cross
grain laminate.  Using a center board with grain parallel to the spine I will
then use a paper or thin board and laminate cross grain on both sides of the
core. Next layer - one on each side will be parallel to the spine again.  I
usually will do this four times.  I always start and end the process with
 the outside laminations being grain long (parallel to the spine) so that if
there is any warping it will be towards the spine rather than head to tail.
 I also let each pair of laminations dry for a day (longer  if there is
time).  I try to keep a few "seasoned" laminated boards on hand because the
process is long and I somehow don't feel confortable doing the laminations
too quickly.

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