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Dubansky Exhibit at WSW

Women's Studio Workshop will host an exhibition of BOOKWORKS by Mindell
Dubansky from September 30 through November 1.

You will have the opportunity to see some of her fabulous creations,

_Bookini_, a polka dot bikini with pages under flaps in the bra.

_The Crown Jewels_, a set of mix'n'match books with pictures of the royal
family, which are wearable as jewelry.

and many other wonders.  Mindy is the Dept. Head for Library Preservation
and Book Conservation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Women's Studio Workshop is in Rosendale, NY. (914) 658-9133.

In my next update of the Colophon Page Gallery Exhibit, I will be including
some of these works. (Next update in 2-3 weeks). If you haven't seen that
exhibit, go to:


Minsky Online will be updating later today. I'll post a separate


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