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Minsky Online Update: www.minsky.com

New Featured Work: _Forlorn Hope: The Prison Reform Movement_ by Larry
Sullivan (G.K. Hall, 1990). Binding by Minsky, 1996. Part of my United
States Constitution series, The Bill of Rights section. This is _The Eighth

The Hotlist has been updated, and sites with *new addresses* have working
links, including Granary Books and Bill Ritchie's ArtsPort. A section has
been added on Help for HTML Writers.

A MetaSearch feature is on the Home Page and the Hotlist. You can enter
search terms and press the button, and it will very quickly bring up links
to about a dozen search engines, including Lycos, WebCrawler and HotBot,
with your search terms entered.

It all looks the same, but all the internal addresses have changed. If you
have any bookmarks to pages with .html extensions, they are now .htm. If
you bookmarked it a year or two ago at avsi.com/minsky/ or
/minskyonline.html, those addresses have been cross-linked and you needn't
update at this time. If your old links don't work, re-link to minsky.com.

Please advise me of any problems--I tried to catch all the html and link
errors, but some may have slipped through.


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