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Re: medieval English endbands

Instructions on this type of endband and others can be found in several
sources. One of the best, in English is by Monika Gast, A History of
Endbands. This is based on a study by Karl Jaeckel and was published by
Designer Bookbinders in the New Bookbinder, No. 3, 1983.

There is also Jane Greenfield and Jenny Hille's book "Endbands." This, I
believe, was just reprinted again by Oak Knoll.

Of the two I very much prefer the Monika Gast piece since the drawings and
text are clearer and more intuitive.

The technique does sound quite familiar and some like it are described in
these works.


At 11:28 AM 9/27/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Now, the endbands are made of a thin (ca 1mm wide) flat leather strip
>wound over a core or primary endband (linen tie downs visible inside center
>of each gathering) at an angle and then taken down in vertical stitch
>into covering leather on outside of spine in regular alternation with the
>slanted windings around the core.  The workmanship is exceptionally neat.
>The overall visual effect is of a plaited band.
>  Does this sound like anything anyone else has seen?  We have a lot of
>early printed books but only a few medieval bindings and I would
>appreciate any info.  I don't need to repair the endbands, they are in
>wonderful shape, but I am curious about how they were done and how common
>this sort of thing may have been.  Any continental examples?
>  Dorothy A.
>Dorothy C. Africa
>bookbinder, Harvard Law School Library

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