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Tipping in correction pages (help!)

This is a somewhat urgent message - I hope some of you bookbinders can
advise me.  I just picked up the new edition of my poems and play from the
printer.  Very pretty edition, nice clean, *flexible* hot-glued perfect
binding.  AND THEN I DISCOVERED A MAJOR TYPO that I hadn't caught.
Although I'm not the publisher, I like to do (and did) the design and
typesetting - so it's my own fault $:-(
 (I'm not good at proofing my own work, and I know it, but I was in a
hurry. ACK! )

The printer thinks he might be able to cut out the page and tip in a new
one with the same professional hot glue, which would avoid cutting off the
binding, losing gutter space and messing up the design at least somewhat,
and save LOTS of cost.  However, he's almost 2 hours away, and shipping's
about $40 each way.  Would it be possible for me to tip in a single page
using some other type of glue, PVA or something, that I can get and use
without mechanized equipment?  It's an edition of 650 books, I have some
help available and could do it, 50-100  at a sitting to avoid going

Any suggestions would be MOST GRATEFULLY accepted, a.s.a.p.

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