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Re: Tipping in correction pages (help!)

At 03:49 PM 9/27/96 -0800, you wrote:

>Draw a line of PVA on a piece of glass or formica a bit longer than the
>page you are tipping on; take the new page in hand and touch the inner edge
>to the adhesive; then lay the new page into place, having torn the old page
>Close the book and move on to the next book.  If you take too much adhesive
>up there will be problems on opening the book; the least possible amount of
>adhesive is best.
>Jack C. Thompson
>Thompson Conservation Laboratory

The best way to put a line of PVA and similar adhesives directly on paper,
or on glass or formica for transfer to paper is to use a paint striping
tool. The least expensive form of paint striping tool (about $10 in art
supply stores) is a small glass bottle which is capped by a brass roller.
The rollers come in different widths, from 1/32 inch up. By using a strip of
wood or the edge of the formica as a guide, you can put down a very straight
line. I prefer to draw the line directly on the page to be tipped in, after
having checked glue flow on a scrap piece of paper.
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