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The Idaho Center for the Book and the Idaho Council of Teachers of
English are pleased to announce publication of the world's first
tetratetraflexagon literary map, "Idaho by the Book."

"Idaho by the Book" chronicles Idaho biblio culture from the
establishment of the Lapwai Mission Press in 1839 (first press in the
Pacific Northwest on which the first books in the region were printed
and the oldest surviving press in the American West), to the
oldest continuously operated bookstore in the American West, through
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ezra Pound, Mourning Dove (first Native
American woman novelist), Nell Shipman, Carol Ryrie Brink (Newbery
Award winner), Vardis Fisher, and Ernest Hemingway--unto contemporary
Idaho authors such as Tom Spanbauer whose second novel, "The Man Who
Fell In Love with the Moon," will be Spanish film director Pedro
Almodovar's first film in English.

The magical tetratetraflexagon format allows you to make Idaho biblio
history happen:  morph Pioneer Idaho into Statehood Idaho into
Idaho, today!

"Idaho by the Book" contains three literary maps, twenty-eight photos
of authors, presses, libraries, publishers, and bookstores--PLUS
three historical maps on the attractive, oversize "Lapwai Mission
Press" envelope in which the map is contained.  Both map and envelope
contain curious and engaging quotes and data, as well as text with
some literary attitude.

Map:  4 pages (opened, each 10 x 15")
Envelope:  6 x 15 1/2"
Price:  $9.95 + $3 s/h
Phone/Fax/E-Orders:  1.800.992.TEXT (out of state)
                     208.385.4031 (in-state)
                     208.385.3401 (Fax)
Mail Order:  Bookstore
             Boise State University
             1910 University Drive
             Boise, ID  83725

             attn:  Pat

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